This Is Why Larry Page Could Become The First Trillionaire On Earth

What happens when you are already one of the richest human on Earth? Well, then you aim for the stars! And that is what exactly Mr. Larry Page is doing.The Earth’s resources are getting depleted faster than ever before, and hence the mankind has turned to the asteroids to quench its thirst for water and metals.

The trillion dollar venture, called Planetary Resources, is aiming to make asteroid mining a reality by 2025. With an ambitious plan of launching this awe inspiring venture for four million dollars, the prize is nothing less than fifty billion dollars!




Of course, when such hefty amounts can be earned, why will anyone want to be behind in the race? Planetary Resources, with Chris Lewicki as the President and CEO and Eric C. Anderson as the co-founder, has joined hands with Larry Page for funding.It is no secret that Larry Page is already one of the wealthiest people on Earth and if this venture becomes successful, there is no denying the fact that he will emerge as the first trillionaire on our blue planet!

And when the prize is so lucrative and “out of the world” why will anyone not want to grab it? Not only Larry Page, this extra-terrestrial venture is also being funded by Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson, who provided a huge chunk of the funds in 2013 to crowdfund the Space Telescope.

However, Planetary Resources is not the only one to aim big. It faces stiff competition from Deep Space Industries, which also shares the same dream of mining the asteroids.Both the ambitious projects aim to begin with mining asteroid water found in abundance in space rocks. This water from asteroids will not only quench the thirst of astronauts, but will also prevent them from dangerous space radiation and will refuel their spacecrafts, once spilt into hydrogen and oxygen.

Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources

Additionally, the lucky dip in this intergalactic project is the mining of platinum group metals along with nickel, cobalt and iron. Platinum is a rare and very expensive metal on Earth, and anyone who strikes its shovel with this metal is set to become rich.

The 9,000 or more asteroids which are closer to Earth can keep both the companies busy with their platinum and gold mining, and has a huge potential to trigger more such galactic ventures.

We do not know if these asteroids could be a possible Pandora moon, but what are the odds that the director of Avatar, James Cameron, is also an advisor to Planetary Resources? Well, it will not be long before we find out if his sci-fi movie ‘Avatar’ was pure imaginary or was a glimpse into the future.


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