Let me play amongst the stars: Deep Space Industries and asteroid mining

“There is a possibility that we could actually replace mining on earth with space mining one day,” says Meagan Crawford, of Deep Space Industries.

Deep Space Industries (DSI) is a Huston based company that specialises in building and operating cutting edge spacecraft. The company develops technology solutions for government, scientific and commercial customers.

DSI has 14 founding fathers, some of the top scientists and space craft engineers in the world. They are chaired by Mr John Lewis, one of the most well-known space industry advocates in the world, author of Asteroid Mining 101, the man who ‘literally wrote the book’ on asteroid mining.

In 2014 these 14 founders were in attendance at a conference on space programs and asteroid mining and discovered they all shared a vision of how best to turn these ideas into reality.

“We are a mining and technology company but our primary purpose is to get the right supplies to the right place at the right time. We will supply space businesses with what they need to be successful,” explains Meagan.

Read the full interview on how DSI has been planning, building relationships, in order to make its mark on the world, before making a bigger one off it in the August issue of Mining Global Magazine!

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