Race for asteroid resources

The future of space travel could depend on this urgent race for asteroid resources

Michael Tabb

May 25, 2016

Whether it’s colonizing Mars or harvesting materials from asteroids, the future of space travel is all about embracing the cosmos as a frontier for human expansion—and also profit.

Watch the video above to see how two US companies, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, plan to mine asteroids within the next few decades. If their mission sounds familiar, it’s because it’s been a recurring plot line of sci-fi movies for decades, from Avatar toArmageddon.
But this is no romantic quest to the far reaches of space. Ultimately, the question for these companies is less whether they can mine asteroids, and more whether they can make money doing it. Read More at http://qz.com/692112/the-future-of-space-travel-could-depend-on-this-mysterious-urgent-race-for-asteroid-resources/

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