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    Kitchen remodeling has become a popular trend in America since so many aging homes have outdated kitchens and a promising economy has made these projects more affordable. Besides the look of the kitchen floor, the style of countertop is also a major design factor and focal point, which can be embarrassing if what exists is a decades-old, stained laminate material. To modernize and bring an element of elegance into the kitchen, homeowners should check into granite and quartz countertops, durable and timeless materials that come in a multitude of styles to match every possible kitchen design.

    Free Consultations Can Lead to a More Attractive Kitchen

    Acquiring new stone countertops is an important investment that homeowners should never treat as a casual purchase. Rather than selecting a style because it looks nice or is a great deal, homeowners need to meet with a countertop representative to discuss the benefits of the different materials.
    granite countertops should then look through all of the various designs to find one that will work within their kitchen without overwhelming the overall theme. The representative will proceed to take accurate measurements and even assist the client in their decision, especially if they are working within a tight budget and know specifically whether a granite or quartz style will work best.

    A Natural, Durable Stone Product

    Granite is a very popular countertop material because every slab looks unique, there are never two with the same pattern. The stone is also extremely durable as well as scratch and heat resistant, making it the perfect material for an active kitchen where a lot of cooking and entertaining occur. quartz countertops cost can easily work on this countertop without fear of damage but do have to watch for spills since the porous surface can be stained by colored liquids unless it is properly sealed.

    Create a Custom Countertop Look

    Another desirable countertop style is quartz, a synthetic stone slab that can be manufactured to match any interior design theme. Every quartz countertop is engineered to meet a particular pattern and color of natural stone, but without the porous property that granite contains. This helps prevent a build-up of bacteria and resists staining, making the stone easier to care for since it doesn’t require periodic sealing and liquids can be easily wiped away without leaving any traces.

    Proper Installation is Included

    Once a desirable stone slab is chosen and cut down to the proper dimensions, any openings for sinks or cooking surfaces will be made before the edges are beveled and smoothed out. Depending on types of countertops of the counter, these pieces can be extremely heavy and will require a team of professionals to install them properly. Homeowners never have to worry about finding a way to get the slab home, attached, and sealed; this service is included in the purchase price and 100% guaranteed.