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The Asteroid Society® is a Public Good Membership Organization with tens of thousands of people, just like you, joining together to ensure that space will be ours, now and in the future. Let us then Democratize Space ​and create a new paradigm for the development and ownership of what is, unquestionably, the single largest and most rewarding adventure in the history of humankind.

“Simply stated, The Stars Are Ours!”

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Asteroid Mining

What is the value?

$ 0 Quintillion
Total Estimated Value
(Source NASA)
$ 0 Billion
Estimated Value Per Every Human
Being Living On Earth Today
Identified Asteroids in Near Earth Orbits
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"The Stars Are Ours"

The next big space race is upon us! Currently large corporations and terrestrial billionaires are using their wealth and standing to influence various countries in an effort to effect Space Law for their own direct benefit. Collectively our aim is to make sure that no billionaire, no nation state, no crown or sovereignty usurps what current space law, ratified by over 127 countries, has already stated is rightfully ours.

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We keep up today on all the latest news and current events for asteroids, and the asteroid mining industry.Please consider us your news source for asteroid mining and asteroid news articles.

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